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Vegan Banana and Pomegranate Pancakes

Tis’ the season for pomegranate!! I’ll admit, before this winter season, I didn’t give pomegranate the time of day. I was used to buying those pre-packaged cups of seeds and always found them to be excessively bitter and a little over-ripe/rancid. But then I decided to give fresh pomegranate seeds a shot, with my husband… Continue reading Vegan Banana and Pomegranate Pancakes

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Salt & Pepper Chocolate Chip Cookies by My New Roots

In honor of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, I decided to make My New Roots‘s Salt N’ Pepper Chocolate Chip Cookies. I got this recipe from her wonderful cookbook by the same title. Her recipes are plant-based with a focus on health and wellness and so good! I’m obsessed!! I’ve cooked probably 50% of the… Continue reading Salt & Pepper Chocolate Chip Cookies by My New Roots