False Start

You’re at the starting line. Sweat is already dripping and your heart is pounding. Waiting anxiously for the gun shot, then someone sneezes… BAM! You’re off only to have to start over again. 

Yeah, that was me last week. I was revved up and ready to start my challenge and BAM, I sneezed and no homemade dinner all week. Woops! So, let’s try that again shall we.

This week’s menu

This week’s menu was brought to you by the letter G, for “Get going”! A majority of these recipes come from cookbooks that I’ll link you to on Amazon, but those that I got online will have a link for you to follow.

Breakfast Menu
A great menu alternating between set and savory to help plan your meals and kick start your day right!
Dinner Menu
A great menu to keep you satisfied all week. There is something in there for everyone, including dairy free, vegan, meat loving and other good stuff!
Weekly Specials Menu
Great ideas for a snacks, bread and dessert.

Now that I have my menu set up for the week, I guess I better get going. I’ll provide feedback on recipes and provide another menu for next week. See y’all later!