Homemade Healthy Eating 90-Day Challenge

I’m nervous embarking on this challenge. 90-days of anything sounds like a really long time to do anything! But there is a reason I’m doing this.

Because I’m crazy (bored?) and  I want to challenge myself.

Yeah, anything short of crazy wouldn’t make much sense. Well, I guess if I were to list other reasons, it is because I found myself eating out a lot these last three weeks. There was a good reason why. I was sick for two weeks and then took a week of playing catch-up on life. But I realized that although I was laid up, eating out didn’t help me feel better. If of anything, it felt like it weighed down on my body more and made healing and catching-up that much harder. So, I figured if I do a 90-day challenge, life will happen and I will have to face the challenge of being alive while sticking to a health regiment.

Here I can organize and document my crazy/boredom level.

Big picture goal, I want to become a celebrity chef! Just kidding… kind of. Big picture, I want to establish habits that will help sustain my family (right now, just my husband and me) and build healthy habits that we can pass on to our children (*cough* If we have any. Don’t get me started!*cough*). I also wanted a space where I can keep track of my progress and keep family and friends posted on recipes I enjoyed, books I would recommend, and new food projects I’m having fun with.

Now onto the rules.

Have you seen the anime Food Wars? If you like Iron Chef and Anime, you should check it out. In reality, my set of rules are a lot simpler, and certainly less honor-bound, than those. Here’s the break down:

Homemade, balanced meals trump everything

  1. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks must be homemade
  2. Each major meal should include a protein, vegetables/fruit, and a bit of starch (optional)
  3. Minimize processed foods (challenging myself to make as much from scratch)
  4. Frozen/take-and-bake pizza doesn’t count as homemade!

Handling difficult situations

  1. Homemade meals and treats from family, friends and co-workers are ok
  2. Family, friends, and co-workers invite you to go out –> Suggest a potluck and then stick to the rules
  3. Family, friends, and co-workers highly suggest going out or on short notice –> Suggest a place that will support the rules
  4. If no one wants to go there, then just tell them about the challenge and politely excuse yourself.
  5. If things escalate, just drop your stuff and run away.
  6. The meal is a failure –> find something else in the house that can be turned into a meal.

Pretty simple!

Holy cow! What am I going to be writing about?

Weekly menus will be posted on Friday. I pick Fridays because I usually do my grocery shopping over the weekend. My menus are for breakfast and dinner. Since it is only my husband and me, we usually turn dinner leftovers into lunch. Then on the following Friday, I’ll be doing a wrap-up of how well I stuck to the menu along with next week’s menu. Granted, some meals just don’t work out or I may not be feeling that meal anymore, I think as long as the meal follows the rules, it will be a successful day. I’ll also cover which dishes were my favorite and share the recipe.

On the daily, I’ll just be documenting the meal on Instagram and Facebook with pictures and a simple description and a link to the recipe, if I found it online. You can go ahead and follow me on both.

Enough said! Let’s get this challenge going!!!